Yes, as you probably know, Taylor Swift announced last night that TS10 is coming out and I have been digging around Twitter and TikTok to share all the fan theories and coincidences that have come up in the past 15 hours since Taylor officially announced the album.

First, here are the basics that we know. The album, titled Midnights, will release on October 21st, 2022, and will feature 13 tracks. Taylor announced the news on Twitter stating, “Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life, will be out October 21. Meet me at midnight.”

This was first announced when Taylor attended the VMA’s (MTV’s Video Music Awards) last night after winning “Video of the Year.” As Taylor was thanking everyone, she dropped the bombshell of TS10, which may I state just so happens to be 13 years (Taylor’s iconic number) after the VMA incident (if you know, you know). So, since then, the world has exploded with happiness, excitement, and theories, and I am here to share some of those theories with you!

First, here is a big one. When announcing the album, Taylor shared the album cover, and based on it, people are trying to share what they think the overall sound will be like. In an article by Variety, it is stated that “The album art for “Midnights,” as presented, looks to emulate old-fashioned LP jackets in which the songs are listed on the front cover,” and then continues to say the vinyl will be pressed in a moonstone blue marbled edition. With this, some fans are theorizing this could have a timeless, dreamy, and classic sound, close to Lover but instead of pastels it’s these dreamy and celestial world blues and purples. Lastly, her album Lover was supposed to be titled daylight, and so fans are thinking this might be the sister album to Lover (like Folklore and Evermore).

Another theory on the sound is that the album also gives off the soft grunge look that is coming back into popularity (known on social media as the “2014 Tumblr era”). With this theory, fans are saying it will have more of a Reputation like sound but on a softer side, like soft glamor but still with a little edge or on the depressing side.

The second theory that has come to light is what the titles are of the 13 tracks. As seen with Taylor’s announcement tweet of the album, there was a picture posted with paragraphs of her describing and introducing the album. Some fans have speculated that the 13-track titles are hidden in here and have tried to pick them out. Some of the speculated titles include things like “turmoil and tears” “Sleepless nights” and “meet me at midnight.”

One more theory that I will share with you today is the theory that Taylor might have a tour coming up soon. I mean, an album with fresh new material, Taylor not being on tour since Reputation, and the way the industry works, she is bound to go on tour sometime. But because she has had so many albums come out since COVID-19, some say she might have a combined tour or a festival of some sort. This way she can perform songs from her biggest albums such as Lover, Folklore, Evermore, and Midnights.

While there are so many things fans are saying such as she might be releasing a single soon, the album cover she posted is the back of the album, the clock seen on Spotify when listening to her songs shows that she has written these songs through the years (seen through the different colors representing each era). I mean the list goes on, but only time will tell, so set your countdown for October 21st!

All information is credited to the article by Variety, as well as the Tweets and TikToks presented in the post.

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