Does your brother, sister, uncle, or partner love music? Well, you then need to get them this as a wonderful Christmas gift to blow their minds and warm their heart!

Does this person have a record player? Is there a specific artist they like, are they obsessed with a certain Spotify playlist, or do you want to make a mixtape of their favorite songs? You can by creating and buying personalized vinyl.

There are so many places to do this these days it is so easy!

Essentially you just go to a website and start making your record. Add in a file of your front and back cover (ex: a photo of you two), add files for the sticker on sides A and B, then add in files of the songs you want! For the best quality, you should add in mastered music files, either mp3 (320kbps), flac or wav files (high bitrate). Depending on the company there is a certain limit to how much you can put on each side (also depending on the size of the Vinyl). Here are a couple of websites to use:

Dude this one is Awesome! I would recommend going with this website! While it is on the more expensive side, I feel it is so worth it! Plus, they share that if you order within the next day it will be here in time for Christmas! Otherwise, it does take 4-5 weeks to arrive.

This site is also really cool! Not only do they have the option for you to custom design but they have other bundles and styles you can use when creating your vinyl. They have a 2-3 week turnaround and prices range from $30-70 depending on the size.

This site is pretty simple, which scares me a little bit, but you never know. What also scares me is that the time frame only is about 3-15 business days and the pricing right now is at $54. I just say this scares me because the vinyl process takes a long time and with such a quick turnaround I worry about the quality, but this was one of the top 5 sites that came up when I searched, so who knows!

There are so many different sellers on here. Just either google or go on Etsy and search for a custom vinyl. The only thing with this is that Etsy charges a lot and doesn’t give the artist/creator much of the money.

Other sites to try:, (I heard many people used these too).

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