Plain and simple. I flipped a coin. I remember years ago at my first job in northern Wisconsin the city clerk ran a football pool. My co-worker who knew what a touchdown was and not much else won it two weeks in a row. She just guessed. I think I'll try it that way too. I flipped a coin with heads indicating the higher seed winning and tails meaning the lower seed prevails. Here's how it turned out.

In the South the winners came up Virginia, Kansas State, Kentucky, Arizona, Cincinnati with upsets to the lower seeds in Loyola-Chicago, Wright State and Texas.

The West shows Xavier, Michigan, Texas A an M with north Carolina winning. Upsets indicated by my coin flipping have Florida State, South Dakota State, UNC-Greenville and San Diego State winning.

In the East I have just Florida and Texas Tech winning with the rest coming up tails. Oh boy, not likely this will play out with Villanova getting knocked out right away. That would be news wouldn't it? All the other coin flips had the underdog winning in the East, Alabama, Murray State, Marshall and Butler along with CSFullerton.

And in the Midwest the upsets go to the play in game winner over TCU, Bucknell, Oklahoma and Iona. The other winners are Kansas, Seton Hall, Clemson and Auburn.

Maybe I should actually do a bracket on who I think will win and then compare to my coin flip choices. But I'm afraid to do so.

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