I remember when these bloopers first came out and it was just as enjoyable to re-watch them 5 years later. In 2016 there was a commercial that aired for White Bear Mitsubishi, a car dealership in White Bear, Minnesota. It featured the spokesman for the car dealership, their mascot (a polar bear), and Goldy the Gopher.

The commercial was filmed at Mariucci Arena, according to Bring Me the News, which is where the Gopher's men's hockey team plays. Goldy obviously had no issue staying upright while walking on the ice and the dealership spokesman didn't have any issues either. But the polar bear on the other hand...

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This poor guy was having such a hard time walking on the ice. I can't imagine trying to walk in that costume to begin with, and then he was walking on ice in it! So I totally don't blame him for having a tough time but, boy, does it make for funny bloopers. Take a look.

It's ok if you want to go watch it over and over again, it's just too funny!

The reason this video is going viral again is partially thanks to a Twitter user named Tashy McTashface who Tweeted out the video recently. But another reason the video went viral again is because some big names retweeted the video as well, including comedian Patton Oswalt.

I'm so glad this video came across my path again, it gave me a good laugh today!

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