My work car hit 195,000 miles this week. Nothing really significant but I suspected most of my co-workers drive high mileage work cars as well. Rich comes in first with 222,000 miles on his Dodge, John checks in with 211,000 on his Buick followed by my Ford and Brad's Pontiac has around  150,000 some miles. I didn't get a chance to ask Roy as to his mileage. Remember when 60,000 miles meant it was time to dump your vehicle as it was about to clunk out. My dad had a 47 Chev that reached 106,000 miles. He bragged about that to anyone who would listen. The most miles I ever had was my previous vehicle a little Ford that rang up some 327,000 before dying. My last two cars have been hand me downs from my daughter. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around?

The one mileage landmark I will always remember was about twenty years ago. I'm on my way to work and as I passed the Hope Wayside my Chev rolled over to 100,000 miles. I tapped the dashboard and said 'good girl, you're halfway there'. Then I heard nothing. The engine had stopped. The timing chain had gone out at that very moment. If not for an odometer that read 100,000 and one tenth miles I doubt anyone would have believed me.

I've been told there's a guy around Ellendale who chalked up around 600,000 miles on  a Buick. What's the most miles you've ever racked up on a vehicle?

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