As always, I find myself scrolling through TikTok when I suddenly find one that makes me stop to think. This TikTok in particular happens to be one where this girl goes through how color is disappearing from our world, and I am flabbergasted!

Essentially this girl goes over how color is disappearing from our world. It is explained that here are fewer colored cars out in the world, interior design has become almost grey-scaled and monotone as well as the exterior of buildings and places, and this is because of the trend and simplicity of minimalism.

After watching the video, I had to check out the post she was referring to and I found it. Fortunately, a user commented on the original article and I immediately did some digging. Essentially the article provided by explains a study done by the Science Museum Group Collection where they examined over 7,000 photographs of objects from 21 categories, where the photographs allowed them to study the form of objects — their shape, color, and texture. (here is the Instagram post the girl goes over)

The Science Museum Group Collection concluded that their “preliminary analysis suggests that everyday objects may have become a little greyer and a little squarer over time. While only time will tell, it does highlight a challenge for museums that must engage visitors with these ‘black boxes.”

After this, I am now questioning things. Is color disappearing from our world and are things becoming more monotone like in a dystopian society? Or are we just creating everyday objects with monotoned materials (like how everything used to be made out of different kinds of wood, but now it’s different kinds of metal)?

So this leaves me asking you, what do you think?

All information is credited to The TikTok, Instagram post and article provided.

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