The colors have been slow to change here across southern Minnesota, but the Department of Natural Resources says things are really picking up -- making this weekend great one for getting out to take it all in.

Most of southern Minnesota is now either approaching peak colors, or has just hit that mark -- so don't miss all the natural beauty this weekend.

It could be that I have a really short memory from year to year (actually that's likely), but it seems that the colors are more brilliant than the past few years -- especially the maples. They are brilliant explosions of res, oranges, and yellows.

According to the Department of Natural Resources:

Fall color change is a bit late this year due to warm fall temperatures but recent cold snaps have caused a rapid change in the leaves. Many areas are now at or approaching peak fall color! Peak fall color typically washes across Minnesota from mid-September (along the Canadian border) to mid-October (along the Iowa border).

Minnesota DNR
Minnesota DNR
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Explore a State Park This Weekend

This weekend, the Department of Natural Resources recommends the following Southern Minnesota state parks for optimal fall colors:

Closer to the Twin Cities, the DNR suggests Fort Snelling State Park near St. Paul and Lake Maria State Park near Monticello would be excellent choices.

Most of northern Minnesota is already past peak colors, and we won't be far behind down here in this part of the state. Send us your pics on our app.

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