Just for a minute, forget all the YouTube videos and social media trash you've read about the evils of vaccines against COVID-19 and look at the facts.

Ninety-five percent of those hospitalized are unvaccinated.  Over 95% of patients in the ICU are unvaccinated and 99% of those with a ventilator shoved down their throat are, you guessed it, unvaccinated.

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These numbers alone should nudge even the most diehard anti-vaxxers to reconsider their decision not to get the vaccine. Of course, there are breakthrough cases but the chance of getting severely ill and possibly dying are greatly reduced if you are vaccinated.

I really much hoped that this pandemic was in the rearview mirror. But that's not the case. COVID cases are up most everywhere around the country. The Delta variant is adding a new risk by spreading faster, easier and vaccination rates are down.

I've heard all the reasons for not getting vaccinated and, of course, some are completely legit.  Then there are the reasons that lean toward pretty lame. You know the ones. "My body, my choice", "The vaccine will alter my DNA", "The government is putting a microchip in the vaccine".  It's difficult to believe but there are even crazier conspiracy theories out there.

It's not mostly the elderly that are being infected with this Delta variant. Teens, people in their 20's, 30's and 40's are now being hospitalized and dying everyday. There is also an uptick in children being hospitalized with COVID..

With no vaccine approved, as of yet, for children 12 and under my biggest fear is for these kids heading back to school.  Sure, a lot of schools will have mask mandates but believe it or not, 8 states actually have outlawed mask mandates for schools.

I hear people say, "Well there is a 99.5% survival rate".  If you've ever been in the hospital for a lengthy stay, you know how crazy expensive it can be. So, you survive but you are saddled with more debt from your medical bills than you've ever experienced before.

Mayo Clinic's Dr. Gregory Poland told WCCO “This is a serious, current and present danger to you and your families’ health if you are not vaccinated, This virus will find everybody who is not immune.”

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