Kristian Bush has released the music video for his newest single, "Sing Along." The song is the first off of his upcoming second solo album; readers can press play above to watch the nostalgic video for the easy-on-the-ears tune.

Bush's "Sing Along" video follows a couple as they enjoy a day near the water, goofing around and enjoying each other's company. The man and woman take turns filming each other with a video camera, and near the end of the clip, viewers see the two -- now an aging couple -- watching some of the vintage footage with a younger couple. They hand the video camera off to the younger pair, inspiring them to go make and record memories of their own.

“I wrote this song to remind someone that, no matter what happened between us, the thing we had together was good. The video shows how love is built on thousands of tiny little moments in the sunlight, and it asks the question, ‘What if those happy memories were strong enough to bring two hearts back together for a happy ending?’” Bush says in a press release. “I hope it reminds everyone that just because a relationship ends, the memories from it don’t have to disappear. We should never, ever regret love."

The "Sing Along" music video was directed by Kyle Morgan and produced by Cy Abdelnour. The song was written by Bush and guitarist / producer Andrew DeRoberts.

In addition to working on his own upcoming album, Bush is producing Lindsay Ell's forthcoming record.

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