When you lookup the meaning of 'Under the Radar,' its explained as, "to go unnoticed without attracting attention or detection, often in a subtle or inconspicuous manner."

So it goes to say that the list of America's best under-the-radar restaurants put together by Cheapism, would be killer restaurants that don't really get the hype, attention, and hoopla that some other eateries might get -- but are definitely worth giving a try when you're in town.

I'm sure we can all think of a few spots throughout Minnesota that are personal favorites that we think would qualify. Some on my list would be A Taste of Big Apple in Owatonna, The Depot in Faribault, Thai Pop in Rochester, Bravo Burrito in St. Cloud, The Duluth Grill in Duluth, and Fat Nat's in Brooklyn Park.

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According to Cheapism, the best-under-the-Radar restaurant in Minnesota is none other than El Burrito Mercado in St. Paul.

Whether you want a quick, cafeteria-style meal or a sit-down dinner, El Burrito Mercado has you covered. An attached grocery offers a wide range of imported favorites, too. Reviewers say you can't beat the authenticity at this institution, praising staples such as tacos and burritos as well as the restaurant's hefty portions.

Sounds good to me.

Best-Under-The Radar Restaurants in Surrounding States

  • Iowa: La Regia Taqueria (Iowa City)
  • North Dakota: Randy's University Diner (Fargo)
  • South Dakota: Meridian Corner (Freeman)
  • Wisconsin: Pat O'Malley's Jet Room (Madison)

Other than Freeman, South Dakota (which is about 60 miles southwest of Sioux Falls), these are all college towns.

So, the next time you're in St. Paul, Iowa City, Fargo, Madison...or Freeman, you might want to give one of these spots a try.

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