This week, the  State of Minnesota launched a new telehealth test-to-treat program designed to ensure Minnesotans who have tested positive for COVID-19 have easy access to clinician care and treatments that reduce their risk of serious illness or hospitalization.

Now, when a Minnesotan tests positive for COVID-19, either with a home test or a positive test from a lab, they can download the Cue Health app and sign up with their Minnesota address to have a virtual consultation with a licensed clinician who will evaluate them to determine if therapeutic treatment is a good option.

If it is determined that therapeutics are a good option, the clinician can issue that prescription to the patient’s local pharmacy. In some areas of the state, those prescription medications can even be delivered to the person’s home.

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The best part is that all services, including consultation, medication, and delivery, will come at no cost to the Minnesotans who use this service. This pilot program is available to all Minnesota residents.

“This pilot program is another tool in Minnesota’s toolbox for limiting the negative impacts of COVID-19,” said Minnesota Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm. “Minnesotans who test positive will be able to more easily access therapeutics that can help them get on the road to recovery. We know that accessing therapeutics within five days of developing symptoms of COVID-19 can greatly improve outcomes and help Minnesotans to avoid severe illness or hospitalization. We are continuing to find new and innovative ways to reduce barriers to access for those therapeutics.”

You can follow the button above for more information on how to access this program and for instructions on downloading and getting started with the Cue Health App.

A convenient and key part of this pilot program is that it works with any at-home or lab COVID-19 test regardless of brand. So, if you had received free COVID-19 tests from the Minnesota Department of Health, you'd have no costs whatsoever to get clinician care.

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