COVID-19 has been through our house a few times since the pandemic started. The first time we got it 2 years ago, it was pretty mild. We lost our sense of taste and smell on Thanksgiving Day. That beautiful smoked turkey was the most awful thing I've eaten. All I could tell is if something was salty or sweet.

We got through that and taste and smell came back eventually. Thank God. We were a little worried. We had tried to smell onions, pepper, sauerkraut, anything we could at first and it wasn't there. It was the strangest thing.

We all got the original Pfizer series of vaccines. My wife and I both got boosters when the time came. Our kids last year came down with Covid, and we both were spared. I chalked it up to the boosters.

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I even had two boosters. The last was in October. I was required to get a booster for my trip to St. Jude Children's Hospital for a seminar. I assumed I was up to date, but honestly isn't it getting exhausting trying to keep track?

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Each time I log into my health chart online it says I'm overdue for a booster, even right after I got one. Does anyone know what they are doing anymore?

Fast forward to last week, my wife had a co-worker who tested positive for COVID-19. A family we are friends with had it go through their house. Then, my wife woke up one morning feeling like garbage. She took a test, it was negative. I'm thinking it was a false test because she was pretty miserable for a few days. Then my daughter tested positive and had to stay home from school. A few days later, I woke up with what felt like strep throat coming on. Body chills, sore throat, sore sinus, and sweating a lot. Surprisingly, even with the body chills and other symptoms, fever was not one of them.

My test came back positive, ugh. Dang it omicron variant!

Several other people I know, including co-workers, have come down with it. The weekly report is out for Minnesota on Thursdays. We'll have to see if the numbers change. The Minnesota Department of Health statistics show that it's been on a decline, but I'm not sure how accurate that is, considering how many people in our community have it right now.

MN Dept. Of Health
MN Dept. Of Health

Fortunately, our symptoms haven't been too bad. Actually, this feels identical to just about every cold I've had in my life.

As I was writing this article, I just got a notification that another co-worker's family has COVID. Seriously, it's going around, even if the statistics aren't there. Perhaps people aren't reporting their at-home tests or notifying their healthcare providers. Either way, stay safe and maybe lay low.

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