Being a landlord can sometimes be a giant pain. It's just a fact of life, you don't pay your rent, you'll be evicted.  Same as if you miss a few car payments, you can bet they will come and take your car.

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So why would a person take it out on the landlord, after being served with an eviction notice, when it's totally their fault for not paying their rent. Usually, you have to be at least a couple of months behind before eviction action is taken. Sounds like the tenant had a few other problems.

Kari Myhre posted this on her Facebook page yesterday;

A couple weeks ago, one of our renters broke out 17 windows in our Moorhead 4 plex. She also trashed the apartment and left the water running for spite after we evicted her. She took a sledge hammer and broke off both sides of an old porcelain sink and ruined the floors that Gary had refinished. She got involved in drugs. No damage deposit will possibly cover all the things she did. Nor does she have any money to file a judgment against. This isn’t the first time either. It’s harder and harder to be a land lord. Guess I am venting but I thought the public should know that the renter has more rights sometimes than the Owner.

As to what the evicted tenant was actually trying to accomplish is a mystery. Property owners are in business and that business depends on tenants paying their rent. Of course, there are landlords that leave a lot to be desired but most are good.

I feel bad for Kari Myhre having to take a financial hit because of a bad renter. I've heard many similar horror stories from friends that own rental property about "tenants from Hell.

I'm guessing charges will be filed and perhaps some of the loss can be covered by court ordered restitution.

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