This old establishment may not look like much, but once you enter those doors, your perspective may change.

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Neumann's Bar and Grill opened in 1887. According to their website, the Wisconsin Central Railway had just extended its tracks into a little settlement called Castle, Minnesota, and with the arrival of the railroad came a need for a saloon.

Castle later became the town we know as North St. Paul, but that little saloon remained untouched.

As the video above explains, Bill Neumann founded the small town saloon to serve Hamm's beer, as Hamm's Brewery put Bill into business by providing him with a splendid bar back that can still be found inside the landmark today.

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Perhaps my favorite aspect of the bar is the signature trademark of frogs.

It's a bit odd: isn't it? The bar has a small pond built into the front window vestibule where numerous frogs relax as patrons, old and young, investigate the creatures.

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On top of the fascinating history, Neumann's is home to great food, great specials, and live music.

The bar has happy hour every weekday from 3 to 6 pm, along with a late-night happy hour Monday through Thursday from 10 pm to close.

Sunday is a special day at Minnesota's oldest bar, as happy hour runs from 2 to 4 pm and again from 8 pm to close.

And as if it could get any better, they usually kick off the weekend with a 5 o'clock meat raffle on Thursdays, followed by a live band on Fridays and karaoke on Saturdays.

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As I said earlier, Neumann's may not have the looks, but they have the heart.

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