Following our basically snow-less and warm first half of the winter, we were treated to one week of real winter across Minnesota. Since then we've launched back into another weirdly warm stretch, and the highs could reach record levels again this week.

In addition to our very warm week ahead, the extended climate outlook from NOAA looks to deliver a continued flow of above normal temperatures through most of February.

The chance of precipitation over the same period appears to be near normal for Minnesota.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Owatonna's Weather Channel Two Week Forecast

  • MON 2/5: Mostly cloudy, High 47.
  • TUE 2/6: Partly cloudy, High 50.
  • WED 2/7: Cloudy, High 51.
  • THU 2/8: Rain, High 52.
  • FRI 2/9: Rain/snow, High 40.
  • SAT 2/10: Cloudy, High 36.
  • SUN 2/11: Mostly cloudy, High 35.
  • MON 2/12: Partly cloudy, High 34.
  • TUE 2/13: Partly cloudy, High 35.
  • WED 2/14: Mostly cloudy, High 36.
  • THU 2/15: Partly cloudy, High 31.
  • FRI 2/16: Partly cloudy, High 31.
  • SAT 2/17: Partly cloudy, High 34.
  • SUN 2/18: Partly cloudy, High 39.

The average high temperature for this stretch of February for southern Minnesota is in the mid 20s.

The average high for the entire month of February in Owatonna is 28. For March that jumps to 40, and it climbs to 57 in April.

Now, a lot of this is pretty far out in the distance, which makes the specifics a little bit sketchy. Yes, things can change -- but it does reflect what NOAA and the National Weather Service are considering are the likely temperature trends over the next couple of weeks.

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