Forget your summer acrylics, forget the new DIY nail trends because you need to check out this new nail robot. Yeah, you heard me right, nail robot! This robot will paint your nails one at a time to give you the perfect manicure.

The new robot created by a company named Clockwork is featured in only a couple of Target stores currently. Two of them are in California, one in Texas, and one is in the Chaska, MN Target! For only $10 you can get a perfect manicure in about ten minutes!

I first discovered this when stumbling upon a TikTok. The user shows a nail being painted as the machine scans your fingers one by one and slowly makes sure it is done perfectly.

According to a CNN article, this is “an attempt to make such robots more common in everyday life; they're aimed at people who want something in between a sit-down manicure and do-it-yourself nail painting

Clockwork CEO and founder Renuka Apte told CNN that the idea was created with the other founder Aaron Feldstein to solve her own problem (which is probably that painting your own nails is messy and time-consuming, and Salons are expensive).

The CNN article explains that the machine works by relying on “two cameras [that] rapidly take about 100 pictures of the nail. Those images are used to create a 3-D point cloud showing the shape of the nail…This information is then used by algorithms that figure out things such as how (and how fast) the machine's polish-dispensing pipette should move to apply paint to your nail.”

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