Do you want to do something with your partner or best friend(s), but don’t live close? You then need to try an online escape room together!

I mean everyone loves escape rooms, right? They are just so fun. I saw this on TikTok and I just thought this was such a good idea because it is something that is out of the ordinary for usual date ideas.

What is cool about this is that there are many different versions and sites to try. You can totally just google online escape rooms and things will come up, but I did that for you and after looking through a couple I believe the ones I have listed below are the best for free versions. There are other versions as well but some aren’t free.

Here is a couple that I found interesting! You can do these with a partner or a group. Some online escape rooms have you book it and join a group conferencing call (zoom etc.) and then some you can always just facetime or call your friends or partner.


What started as an in-person escape room, the team of Enchambered decided to create a virtual version of their escape room. Players go through a service of puzzles that have separate plotlines. Your team will need to work together to get through this series of challenges, as noted by

Romeo and Juliet Escape Room

This one seemed really cool, shares that in this online escape room, you will be “solving puzzles to bring Romeo and Juliet together. The Capulets will take you through the wringer and add complex mind games.”

Escape The Crate

Escape The Crate has a couple of free versions for you to try, the only thing is they recommend a pen and paper for theirs! They have "Escape: Christmas Past," where Santa needs your help to save Christmas, "Escape the Mothman," and it allows you to investigate some real-life paranormal accounts. And then they have "Escape the Midnight Express," where you can attempt to sneak around an abandoned train to save President Lincoln from assassination.

Information is credited to the sites listed as well as

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