Christmas is already next week! To get in the holiday spirit you might be wanting to check out some festive events going on this weekend. You may want to consider heading up to what's being considered as Minnesota's best city for Christmas according to WalletHub.

WalletHub's three main factors that influenced these rankings are 'Traditions and Fun', 'Observance', and 'Generosity'. They also looked at factors like the affordability of gifts, holiday events, and the number of churches in the area. In total, they used 32 different "key factors" as they call them to determine this ranking.

First, let's look at the top 5 places to celebrate Christmas. Sadly, no Minnesota city made the top 5, but we are in the top 20!

The number five best city for Christmas in the US is San Fransisco, CA. Number four is Pittsburgh, PA. Number three is Las Vegas, NV. Number two is another warm location, Orlando, FL. And finally, the number one best city for Christmas is Atlanta, GA.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Minnesota city that ranked the highest made it in the top 20... but barely. Coming in at number 19 is... Minneapolis, MN! Minneapolis is apparently the best city in Minnesota to celebrate Christmas. Of course, since WalletHub was only looking at large cities, the only other city that was considered in our state was St. Paul, which ranked number 36 out of 100.

What town in our area do you think is the best for celebrating Christmas? Chat with me on our free app and let me know!

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