I find this rather offensive. Fishingbooker.com complied a list of the eight best United States ice fishing destinations for 2022, and only ONE Minnesota town made the list. Thankfully, it did take the number one spot. 

Brainerd, Minnesota, is the greatest ice fishing destination in the United States.

Unsplash, Mike Cox
Unsplash, Mike Cox

Now, this just makes sense.

Brainerd has over 460 lakes with 25 miles of the city center. The lakes are full of bluegills, walleye, largemouth bass, yellow perch, northern pike, and many other popular fish breeds.

This city got love from Fishingbooker.com back in 2020 as well, making 2020's best ice fishing destination list as well as their best fishing festivals list. 

Speaking of festivals, Brainerd hosts an ice fishing extravaganza each winter season. This year the event is on January 29th at Gull Lake. The proceeds from the event go to support local charities.

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Brainerd is a fantastic place to ice fish, but I would argue that many other towns in the Land of 10,000 Lakes are also noteworthy. So, the question is, what other cities beat out Minnesota?

2. Lake Habeeb, Maryland--Known for the 'bluest water in the state.'

3. Devils Lake, North Dakota--"Perch Capital of the World."

4. Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin--This lake is home to the world's largest self-sustaining Lake Sturgeon population.

5. Copper Harbor, Michigan--This area is not only great for ice fishing but other picturesque activities such as snowmobiling. 

6. Castle Lake, California--This is a great place to catch Brook and Rainbow Trout.

7. Boysen Reservoir, Wyoming--A view of Owl Creek Mountains makes this reservoir a peaceful getaway.

8. Moosehead Lake, Maine--These cold waters span 75,000 acres, meaning there's a lot of area for fish catching!

I'm still a little offended Brainerd was the only Minnesota town on the list, but these places do sound pretty neat too. Let us know your favorite place to ice fish in the comments below. 

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