What got me to thinking about this one name topic was the birth of Prince William and Kate's baby boy this morning. What is Queen Elizabeth's last name. I realize this is more than one name but it doesn't include the last name. I tried this question out on a few people at work and for the most part they weren't sure either. Let's try a few others before the answers.

1. How about country music star Reba?

2. If you were asked to name one soccer star, you might say Pele. Pele what?

3. Keep in mind we're in Minnesota so most of us probably know Prince's name. But I wonder about people who aren't from the Midwest.

4. There might be some younger folks that have never even heard the name Stalin. If you have, what was his first name?

5. How about the painter Picasso?

6. For baseball fans most of us are aware of the Seattle Mariner referred to as King Felix. But what's his last name?

Answer time

The Royal Families last name is Mountbatten-Windsor. I suppose Windsor castle should have been a clue but I didn't think of that.

1. I think most folks would know that Reba's last name is McEntire but who knows?

2. Pele was probably the toughest one as it's only a nickname. His real name is Edson Arantes de Naccimento.

3. You probably know Prince is really George Nelson but what about folks in California or Florida etc?

4. Josef Stalin.

5. Pablo Picasso. So often we only hear Picasso when referring to one of his works of art. We just don't hear his first name used too often.

6. And King Felix is pitcher Felix Hernandez.

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