So many people enjoy look at old photos. Count me in too. Here's some professional shots taken in 1927 of the Plainview Lakeside Packing plant. Lakeside can trace their roots back to 1887 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. In 1922 the Lakeside name was born. A new plant was built in Plainview, Minnesota in the summer of 1923 for $15,000, so these photos are of the plant  just a few years later.

I happened to run across the 60th anniversary booklet from 1947. I learned that peas was the first crop packed by Lakeside. This was followed by beans, then corn and followed by beets and carrots. The Owatonna plant became part of the Lakeside family in 2003.

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    Here's a look at some of the men and women working inside the fairly new Lakeside Plant in Plainview. The guy with his arms folded is my grandpa. That's how I got these pictures.

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    Corn Pack

    Packing corn in 1927 at Lakeside in Plainview.

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    Outside View

    Here's a look from the outside of one of the buildings at Lakeside in Plainview.

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    Inside View

    Perhaps this is where some of the vegetables were unloaded or possibly a view of an upper floor before equipment was installed?

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    Bringing in the Crop

    Might be pea vines being hauled in with horse and wagon. Look at the line. Note one old tractor in the far right.