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Free COVID-19 Testing In Waseca This Week
The State of Minnesota announced that there will be free testing this week in Waseca for COVID-19. The barrier-free event will happen on both Wednesday and Thursday this week at the Waseca County Fairgrounds.
If Approved What Will Prep Football/Volleyball Look Like?
Monday the Minnesota State High School League is set to meet to vote on whether or not volleyball and football will be moved back to the fall, and be played here in Minnesota. If the board approves both sports to be played this fall, the question is then what will these contests look like?
Do You Know How To 'Correctly' Merge Onto The Interstate?
A white knuckle experience as they either get on the interstate going 40mph or have hit Mach 3 at the end of the ramp. In both cases they generally muck up traffic already on the interstate, causing a flock of birds to fly up from behind windshields. So what is the correct way to merge onto the inte…
Owatonna Electronic & Appliance Recycling Event Coming Soon
Get rid of that junk September 19th in Owatonna. The Retrofit Companies, TRC, is coming to Owatonna on Saturday, September 19, and is taking your old electronics and appliances. It's like an adult Christmas for people who have been wondering how they were going to get rid of those old TVs, micr…

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