I have lived in Lakeville for about four years, and even though I just moved to Farmington I love going to downtown Lakeville, and for one big reason: to get coffee at Tapestry Coffee, the Coffee shop and roastery and oh my goodness it is so cute!

I wrote about Tapestry coffee a while back, but since then I have visited many times, and man it is so cute! I will say right off the bat I did not get any pictures of the place because I get anxious when taking pictures in public, but believe me when I say this place is beautiful!

According to their about page and reading about their rebranding (they used to be known as Mainstreet Coffee from 2001-2022) I was wondering what brought them to the name Tapestry Coffee and their answer is beautiful. They explain that “It’s a long process to make a tapestry… it’s handcrafted, there’s an incredible amount of patience and intentionality. It is artistic and beautiful, and there is something for everyone. It’s naturally inclusive, romantic, inviting, and above all, it is constant and sustains.” This is just so beautiful because the same can be said about their coffee and the culture there is today around coffee stores. Not only that, but this can be said about the process and that there is always the intention and the importance of quality and care for workers, the product, and the consumers.

Now their menu is absolutely delicious. What is really cool about Tapestry Coffee is that not only is it in-home roasted but their syrups for coffee are also house-made. Now they have a really unique house and seasonal specials menu. This includes drinks like the Pumpkin Latte, Spiced Maple Latte (fall spices and local maple syrup with espresso and milk), and Cider Chai (with their house-made chai).

Now while I did not try their fall drinks yet, I did fall in love with one drink on the menu. That is the Chocolate Almond Latte and oh my god it is so good. It is so simple but the taste of their espresso and the almond taste is just amazing. I have had it each time I have gone but I still want to try their Pumpkin Latte as well as their Brown Sugar Latte

I would defiantly check them out! The space that the shop used to be the old Dakota County Bank and they have renovated it to be so modern, yet so cute and homey at the same time! So, check out Tapestry coffee in Lakeville, open 7-5 Monday through Friday, and 7-2 Saturday and Sunday.

all information is credited to Tapestry Coffee's website and photos are provided by their Instagram.

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