My wrinkled old mug is a familiar site at most auctions. I kind of like junk. My ideal auction is one for an 80 or so year old bachelor who lived with his mother. The type where nothing gets thrown out. I've been to a lot of auctions and of course that means plenty of Jeff Kath or Born and Kath auctions over the years.

Auctioneer Jeff Kath passed away this winter. This Saturday, May 19 will be the first Jeff Kath Memorial Mai Fest. It'll be in the old Walmart building or current Retrofit on Hoffman Drive in Owatonna. This will be a benefit for Elks youth activities and youth camp along with post secondary scholarships. It runs 5PM-12AM. Tickets are $10 and will feature a cash bar. The Dan Stursa Band and chopper's DJ Service will provide the music. There will also be a live and silent auction.

As for the memories. Did anyone ever attend a Jeff Kath auction without him mentioning Rose Creek?  I'm not sure why he picked that town out. He'd hold up maybe a broom and ask for a dollar and then he'd start talking on what a nice broom it was and might end up saying it's the best looking broom this side of Rose Creek. I think he did that at least two times at every auction. Another one of his favorites was when auctioning off a car. He'd say "start her up". The car was already running. He'd then cup his ear and lean towards the car and again say " start her up, let the folks hear it run". Then of course he'd act surprised when he learned it was running all the time.

I'd got to share one funny moment. He made a small mistake that would be so easy for anyone to do. He was selling a boat winch. Give me a bid he said. How much for this old wench? He then continued to refer to the winch as a wench. I must have been the only one to catch this as I was the only one who blurted out laughing. If you don't know what a wench is, look it up. I later told him about this and he got a chuckle out of that.

He gave us entertainment along with his auction services.

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