I think most (okay, well some) of us can agree that dogs are superior animals. And even if you aren't a dog fan, you have to admit SouthernMinn's 2021 Bark Madness winners are pretty adorable.

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If you're trying to convince yourself it's not the right time for a dog (like I am), I promise you this will not help.

The Minnesota River Valley's Bark Madness contest combined with SouthernMinn's contest this year, and they crowned Bruno as the big winner! He ended with a total of 993 votes. His owner, Mandy, was even awarded a $200 gift card.

I mean just look at those wittle teeth!

Bailey Joe was the 2nd place finisher with 945 votes.

Nellie, who is the cutest in my opinion, came in 3rd with 643 votes. She's looks like a professional model lying there among the flowers. Fluffy and majestic.

You can see all of the contestants in yesterday's newspaper or Bark Madness's website. Fair warning, you may end up spending over 20 minutes staring at pictures, but trust me, it's totally worth it.

To enter the contest, pet owners had to pay $5, and each vote cost 50 cents. The voting was open to the public from March 15 through March 31, and a portion of the proceeds from voting went to support local humane and rescue societies.

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