Animals can work themselves into our lives in ways we don't appreciate. Like rodents getting into people's homes, other animals digging up people's yards, and squirrels deciding to store their nuts in your car. That's what happened to an officer in Pine County, Minnesota, a squirrel decided that his squad car was the perfect place for his winter stash.

The squirrel decided the perfect time to make its presence known was while the officer was driving down the road. The Pine County Sheriff's Office shared the story on their Facebook page and said that the squirrel popped out from under the officer's computer and ran onto the dashboard. He stared at the officer for a moment and then ran along the driver's side window to the back of the car. The officer pulled over to try and find the squirrel and ended up finding this massive stash of nuts in the back.

I'm amazed the squirrel got away with this for so long! It seems like this must have been going on for a while based on that stash. I can't believe the officer didn't notice sooner, you'd think you'd hear a rattling or something as you turned with all of those nuts back there. Also, I'm not 100% sure about this but it looks like the nuts were under a layer in the trunk.

If you have a story about an animal showing up somewhere where they're not welcome, I'd love to hear your story! Chat with me and send pictures on our free app.

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