I was talking with a friend recently and we were reflecting on our father's first tractor. Both of our dads had started farming with horses and of course the horses slowly disappeared from the farm fields. It got me to thinking of some of the things we used to use almost everyday but not any more.

  • Ryan McVay townsquaremedia.
    Ryan McVay townsquaremedia.


    Can you recall the last time you used an eraser? Or even a pencil for that matter. I remember colored pencils were a big thing when I was in grade school.

  • WebDesignstate townsquaremedia
    WebDesignstate townsquaremedia

    Wrist Watch

    I still wear a wrist watch but so many don't wear them anymore. Of course the cell phone is to blame for this one.

  • Tashatuvango townsquaremedia.
    Tashatuvango townsquaremedia.


    Two days a month in typing class we'd be able to use one of the two electric typewriters. That was a big thing. Of since many don't use typewriters any more the use of whiteout has gone south as well. I'd be there's a number of younger folks that wouldn't know what you're talking about if you mentioned whiteout.

  • Wesley VanDinter townsquaremedia
    Wesley VanDinter townsquaremedia

    Pay Phone

    I wonder if a person could find a pay phone anywhere in the country anymore? And of course many people are even taking their land lines out.

  • Wavebreakmedia Ltd Townsquaremedia
    Wavebreakmedia Ltd Townsquaremedia

    Photo Album

    Now this one bothers me. Digital pictures are fine but I really enjoy going through old photo albums. I suspect these are slowly disappearing as well. Do you have a photo album or two?

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