Four Minnesotan women and one Minnesotan boy were waiting at the John F. Kennedy Airport for their flight when it was suddenly canceled. After waiting for hours and then hearing that the JetBlue flight from NYC to Minneapolis was canceled these Minnesotans realized they should do something.

Those who were waiting at the airport were Cheryl Pendleton from Shakopee, Megan Farrand, and her 12-year-old son Cayden from Robbinsdale, Grace Emma from Minneapolis, and Shannon Croston from St. Francis. An article on Kare 11 has a quote stating "we're all sitting there, and I am just sitting with Grace and Shannon and I was like 'Man, I think we should rent a car and drive home,'" Pendleton said. "Megan overheard me and she was like 'Are you serious about driving home and renting a car?' and I was like 'Absolutely.' and she was like 'I have a 12-year-old' and I was like 'That's fine, I've got kids, let's go."

They were all told that the next flight to Minneapolis would not be for a couple of days, and with hotels being so expensive these days, it seems this was an option they had to take and hoped that “Minnesota Nice” was a true thing.

So, these five strangers got a rental car together and drove the more than 1,200-mile trek back home together. The Kare 11 article stated the car rental cost was about $500 and then with gas, each person only had to pay about $200 each, which is less than spending a couple of days in a hotel!

While this was a really sweet story and opportunity, Croston tells Kare 11 that "it's nice to know there are still actually good people out there, for sure, but I don't condone anyone getting in a car with a bunch of strangers on the daily, you know?"

All information is credited to the article from Kare 11.

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