The post-pandemic travel boom is off and running, with more than half of all Minnesotans planning on taking a summer vacation -- and according to the AAA, things are filling up fast.

For the past few summers, Amie and I have stayed pretty close to home, but we've even had trouble finding spots at Minnesota State Park campgrounds. PRO TIP: You can reserve a state park campsite within 120 days of your stay here on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website.

The team at the AAA says that 83% of Minnesotans will travel this year. 60% of them will take a summer vacation. However, only 16% of summer travelers have finalized their plans -- and things are filling up.

Travel demand has come roaring back this summer and we’re already seeing large crowds at popular travel destinations.

Tops on the list of destinations for Minnesotans this summer will be heading to a lake, a visit to a state or national park, a trip to explore a big city, or heading to one of the coasts for some beach time.

Explore Minnesota is a great resource for planning a summer vacation right here in Minnesota. You can find attractions, events, and destinations by region, with all of the pertinent information.

Summer 2023 Travel Tips from AAA

  • 89% of travelers will be taking a read trip this summer. Leave early and be prepared for congestion near popular destinations.
  • 31% plan to take a commercial flight. To reduce the likelihood of flight delays or cancellations, book a non-stop flight that leaves early in the morning.
  • 22% plan to rent a car. Rental car availability has improved, yet inventory is likely to be tight at airports, so book early.
  • International travel is up more than 200% compared to 2022. Ensure your passport is up to date. Wait times have increased from 8-11 weeks to 10-13 weeks.
  • Have fun!

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