The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources recently installed a new EagleCam. The old one that had been streaming Bald Eagle's from their nest in St Paul gave out last spring. Thanks to donations a new camera was installed on a different branch of the cottonwood tree where the nest is located. The branch where the old camera was mounted was dead. This high-definition camera features infrared imaging for nighttime viewing and also has a microphone. Take a look at these sharp photos.

Work is still being done on the sounds part of the cam and hopes are the stream will be up and running as normal by January or perhaps February.

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    Crystal Clear Eagle Image

    Photo courtesy of the Minnesota DNR
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    The Proud Parents

    I assume that's mom and dad with the little ones.

    Shauna Hetterick
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    Feeding Time

    Look at the detail of the material used to make the next.

    Photo courtesy of the Minnesota DNR