Do you love getting together with your friends? Do you guys love competitions or games to play? Well, you need to have a bracket night because it is one of the best things to do!

What is a bracket night you may ask? Well, that’s complicated because it could be so many things. Essentially you and a couple of friends (at least three people) go to someone’s house and complete a bracket of your choosing.

This bracket could be of anything. It could be something you have made up, something already made online and set up however you want. You can even decide how many different brackets you want to do.

For example, someone once tweeted that they love their weekly bracket nights with their friends because one time they had a fight over what chair is better: a rocking chair or a recliner. Or I saw on TikTok a group of girls use a bracket to see which white claw is the best (and had actual white claws for them to taste test).

What is even better is you can totally do this virtually too! You can each print a bracket made or use one directly online and boom, you’re ready!

So, make a night out of it! Set up some music or dinner and drinks and have fun debating extremely niche topics! If you can’t think of anything don’t worry, just google bracket topics and hundreds pop up! But see if you can find a funny and niche one to go with you and your friends.

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