There are two very lucky Minnesotas who started the new year off on the right foot. If their resolution was to save up more money, they can check that off their list already because they both just won $1 million! The winners of the Minnesota Lottery Millionaire Raffle were announced on New Years Day.

Can you imagine waking up the first day of the new year and learning you're a million-dollar winner? That must be a good sign that 2022 is going to be a good year for these two individuals. There was plenty of other money also given away on the 1st from the Minnesota Lottery. There were five $100,000 winners and five $25,000 according to Bring Me the News.

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In case you may be the winner of any of those prizes, make sure to check your numbers on the Minnesota Lottery website so you don't miss out.

The winning $1 million tickets were sold at a Kwik Trip in Two Harbors and a Dollar Fresh in Glencoe. As for the $100,000 winning tickets, those were sold at a Holiday in Hutchinson, Speedway in Edina, Holiday in Forest Lake, Kwik Trip in Blaine, and Cub in Bloomington. Finally, the $25,000 winning tickets were sold at a Cub in Elk River, Young's General Store in Middle River, Holiday in Victoria, Speedway in Sauk Rapids, and D & L Food and Gas in St. Paul.

Technically after taxes, the million-dollar winners won't actually be taking home $1 million. Bring Me the News writes that "the winners will have to pay at least 31.25% federal and state withholding taxes on the amount above $5,000". That means the approximate total take-home amount is $689,062. That's still a lot of money!

If you're not as lucky as these winners and you're still hoping to save money in 2022, keep scrolling for some tips to help you out.

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