With the winter here as well as the holidays, we know we will be doing a lot of driving and we know that we need to be careful. However, there are some roads in our beautiful state that are dangerous regardless. I thought I would share the top 5 most dangerous highways in Minnesota so you can avoid them!

Number 5: U.S Highway 10

US Highway 10 is a 275-mile stretch of road that runs east-west across Minnesota and is one of the original long-haul highways as noted by Wikipedia. In an article by theadvocates.com it is explained that “In the last few years, alone, Minnesota police have seen upwards of 14 automobile-related deaths along the stretch of road.” So be careful on this road and go slow.

Number 4: Interstate 94

Okay, I have even heard about Interstate 94 and I haven’t even been driving for a decade! While I have heard mostly about awful traffic, the Advocates Injury Attorneys share that “the interstate has seen numerous fatal crashes involving semi-trucks, multi-car pileups, and even bears. Each year, Minnesota sees close to 400 traffic fatalities on its roads and highways and Interstate 94 is ground zero for many of these tragic deaths.”

Number 3: Highway 14

Hoglundlaw.com shares that US Highway 14 is considered “one of the most dangerous roads in the country. It was so dangerous that it inspired a $50 million project to widen the highway to increase safe road conditions.” So, while it might be a nice highway that gets you to the Black Hills and Yellowstone National Park, be careful!

Number 2: US Highway 12

With this highway having narrow lanes and minimal lighting that seems to hide intersections, it makes sense that this one made it to the list. Hoglundlaw.com states that because there have been so many crashes including head-on collisions, it “prompted the “Highway 12 corridor safety improvement project” in 2021, which included building a median wall to prevent head-on collisions.”

Number 1: US Highway 169

Oh boy is all I have to say! I mean it makes sense that when places gain more population the more traffic there will be but according to the Advocates Injury Attorneys, The highway is so perilous that an average of 6 people die in car accidents on this road each and every year! While Advocates Injury Attorneys share that the state government has taken the initiative and begun renovations on the troubled highway, as well as cracking down on distracted drivers, this highway is one you MUST be careful on!

All information is credited to the articles from hoglundlaw.com and theadvocates.com.

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