I've seen a lot of angry people on Facebook posting about how they are no longer able to watch WCCO in Rochester. You often hear about satellite providers dropping a popular channel because the two sides weren't able to reach an agreement, but this decision appears to have been made by the FCC.

The good news is there are still ways to watch your favorite channel. The Minneapolis based TV station released a statement that said, "Spectrum Cable has dropped WCCO in the Rochester market" and explained how loyal viewers can still tune into their favorite programs.

Why Isn't WCCO Available in Rochester?

Last fall, North Pine wrote an article that said, "the FCC has granted a petition for special relief from the Rochester market’s CBS affiliate and issued an order that will result in WCCO-TV’s CBS programming being dropped from cable in the Med City."

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The FCC has a "significantly viewed" list that allows cable companies like Spectrum to broadcast out-of-market stations. KIMT used ratings data to show WCCO was not a significantly viewed station in the Rochester market and filed a petition to have them removed from that list.

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Here's How You Can Still Watch WCCO in Rochester



WCCO says, "Our loyal viewers can continue to receive the latest Minnesota news, weather and sports through our streaming service, CBS News Minnesota. The stream is available for free on the CBS News app, Pluto TV and WCCO.com."

What is Pluto TV?


Pluto TV is a free app that you can download right to your TV, phone, or tablet. Once you open the streaming service you can search for CBS News Minnesota to find all of your favorite WCCO programs.

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