Here's a look at the Median Household Income for the townships in Dodge County. I suspected the further east the higher. That of course due to the proximity of Rochester. It turns out I was right with the 4 townships along the Olmstad county line making the top five. The census numbers come from the American Fact Finder web site.

Mantorville topped the list with a Median Household Income of $109,722

Hayfield isn't an eastern border county but it checks in at number two with $105,625

Canisteo is at $89,167

Vernon is number 4 at $88,523

Milton rounds out the top five at $82,833

Finishing it off with

Ashland $82,500

Concord $77,639

Westfield $74,628

Wasioja $73,750

Claremont $71,250

Ellington $65.375

Ripley $64,792

I guess I was most surprised by the wide margin between number one and number 11, around a $45,000 difference.


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