We all love going to a nice restaurant to enjoy great food and the company of friends or family, but what if it was in a holiday themed cozy igloo?

If you have heard about Dukes on 7 you probably know what I am talking about, but if not the Minnetonka restaurant not only has a wide selection of astonishing food and drinks but during the winter you can enjoy your time and food in their igloos!

The igloos are decked out in décor to give it a great holiday vibe and they have heaters!! Dukes on 7 lets you reserve the igloos for 2 hours with 2-8 people every day of the week!

Not only can you spend time in an igloo with your family or friends, but Dukes on 7 has outstanding menus! It includes things like a lunch and dinner menu, beer menu, cocktails/mocktails & wine menu, THC Seltzers, brunch, kids’ menu, desserts, and a dog menu!

When looking at reviews on google everyone had so many positive things to say including how the staff is amazing, how the food is delicious, and even how dogs are treated just as well as we humans! And of course, I had to check out all the TikTok’s about the igloo experience, and people are loving it (especially the holiday-themed cocktails you get to enjoy).

I will say though they have some guidelines about the igloos. When booking an igloo Monday through Thursday you have to give a $50 deposit, but it will be applied towards the $250 food and drink minimum required for the greenhouse. If you want to book an igloo on Friday through Sunday you have to put down a $100 deposit, but again, it goes towards your $350 Food and drinks minimum.

In addition, there is a specialty food and drink menu given to you to preorder, but you can also grab items off their regular dinner menu. They also note that because these are outside, these are also a weather-dependent reservation and a no-pup policy (don’t worry they have a patio that is puppy friendly)!

So book a reservation today! Time in the igloos is in high demand due to the success from last year so plan in advance! You can book reservations here, and Dukes on 7 is located at 15600 MN 7, Minnetonka, MN and you can call them at (952) 767-2320.

All information is credited to the restaurant's website dukeson7.com.

Escape the World In This Romantic Minnesota Igloo Airbnb.

"Guests are blown away by the experiences that come from staying at the Snow globe. There’s just something truly magical about being this submersed in nature and our location has something special to offer with every season.

Watching beautiful soft snowflakes cascade around its walls & Snuggling warmly in luxurious heated blankets while stargazing. Rainstorms have new meaning, sunsets and sunrises become even more of a life-changing experience. It is truly something you have to experience firsthand once - if not a million times & we are so excited to now offer this as one of our fantasy collection locations.

Private outhouse is snugged away right behind the igloo."


Upgrade Your Experience:

  • Hot Tub $50
  • Wine & Hors d’oeuvre tray: $150

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