There was a time when I was a little lad that I couldn't wait to write Santa Claus at letter. It seemed every year I had about a dozen Nintendo games I wanted, or a new Lego set I had to build, so I would sit down and jot all of my requests on a piece of notebook paper and then send it off to the North Pole in hopes the fat guy would see it and reward me on Christmas morning.

But one thing I always wondered was why he never wrote me back? I would think every child would love a big personalized postcard from Santa... well I have some good news because now you can, and even better news: It's FREE! That's right, Santa could send your child a letter motivating them to be good to insure they are on the "good" list for the upcoming holiday season.

Parents, if you want to make sure your kid gets a personalized postcard from Jolly Ol' Saint Nick, you're going to want to click here for all the details and remember the last day to order is December 17th.

Still relying on Elf on the Shelf to get your kids to behave this Christmas? Please. I can promise you if they were to receive a personalized letter from the desk of Santa Claus reminding them to be nice, that would definitely get their attention.

Feel free to share this information with all of your friends and family members who want to have Santa write to kids at their house too.

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