Did you know that today is National Beer Can Day? In celebration of that as well as Leinenkugel’s releasing Summer Shandy early this year, I wanted to put together a list of the best breweries in Minnesota.

Minnesota is actually the home of many amazing breweries and is known as a place to go for craft beer! So, here is a list of the best breweries in MN, which has no particular order.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative (Minneapolis)

Fair State is actually a really unique place! According to hopculture.com, Fair State “became the first cooperatively owned brewery in Minnesota [in 2006]. And only the third in the country. Considered a cooperative, Fair State actually allows fans to buy into the brewery. Becoming one of the over 2,000 members allows you to help design beer recipes, pick products for beers, enjoy an endless happy hour, get exclusive discounts, attend member-only events, have special access to beers, volunteer through the Cooperates program, and become friends with other members and the staff.”

Indeed Brewing (Minneapolis)

According to viatravelers.com, Indeed is a “cozy, quaint taproom featuring one of the top beer menus in the state of Minnesota. Like some of their peers, Indeed was a trendsetter for craft brewing in the Twin Cities.”

Bauhaus Brew Labs (Minneapolis)

Bestthingsmn.com explains that Bauhaus Brew Labs is a must-stop in the Minneapolis beer circuit “with its experimentation in and refinement of classic German brewing styles.” And in addition, the design in this taproom is eclectic and electric at the same time. It’s an old warehouse hangar with an open-concept vibe.

Surly Brewing Company (Minneapolis)

While Surly is one of the original craft brewers of Minneapolis, the article on viatravelrs.com explains that they have “continued to reinvent the wheel,” and is still a place to go. Especially now because of the massive facility they have with a full beer garden and outdoor patio with games.

Bent Paddle Brewing (Duluth)

Now this one is a brewery that I am dying to check out. According to lifeinminnesota.com Bent Paddle Brewing brews “100% of their beers with water from Lake Superior, [and] the team focuses on providing high-quality beers in a sustainable way and giving back to the community.”

Lift Bridge Brewery (Stillwater)

While many sites said great things about lift bridge, Thrillist.com said it best. According to Thrillist, “a handful of breweries in Minnesota feel deeply connected to Minnesota’s history and rural roots. Lift Bridge is one of them. If one beer could tell a brewery’s story, it’d be the Farm Girl Saison.”

Fulton Beer (Minneapolis)

Next time you want to go to a Twins game you need to stop here. Viatravelers.com explains that Fulton “is one of the original craft breweries in Minneapolis [second to Surly]. They’ve stayed tried and true to their formula. Awesome ales. Recently, they’ve ventured out into the hard seltzer game.”

Dangerous Man Brewing (Minneapolis)

Bestthingsmn.com gives a raving review about Dangerous Man stating that this “Minneapolis hot spot serves up greats like a peanut butter porter with flavors of peanut butter, chocolate, and hints of coffee and toast. Their citrusy house IPA is a classic, as well!”

Summit Brewing (St. Paul)

Even though Summit is very well known and a classic staple everyone knows, it just showed up so much during my research I felt as if I had to put this one down. And like Surly, while it has been here for a long time, Summit managers to stay up to date with its classic staples and new and limited releases.

Schell’s Brewery (New Ulm)

Once more, as stated by bestthingsmn.com, “it may be strange to think that the oldest and largest brewery in Minnesota makes some of the state’s best beers, but it does.” And that is all that needs to be said!

There were so many other breweries that I wanted to include but I just could not decide. All information and quotes are credited to the following (and where you can check out other amazing breweries):

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