Monte and Nancy Mowry, longtime residents of Steele County, will receive a well-deserved special honor at the Steele County Free Fair in the judging arena on Tuesday, August 17th at 1 pm.

In 2014, the Mowrys created a program called "Ride for the Brand - Americans with Disabilities." The program invites individuals with physical and cognitive impairments to experience the joys and wonders of horses and horseback riding in a safe, controlled environment.

It's so heart-warming to see the delight on the rider's faces!

This picture below is particularly one of my favorites.

Beyond that, several horses on the Mowry farm have been purchased from the Rescue Pen. In other words, these horses have been giving another chance to work in a conducive habitat.

Outside of 'Ride for the Brand,' the Mowrys are very active in the community.

Both are active members of the Owatonna Saddle Club and the Steele County Sheriff's Posse, the latter for over 20 years!

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They regularly host girl scouts interested in securing their horse activity badges and those involved in Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota.

In addition, they have organized 'Real Life' as a part of the Young Life program and 'Operation Zero,' a Veteran's program to support Veterans and their families.

The induction into the Equine Hall of Fame is well-earned. Their passion and drive deserves to be noticed, and thankfully Steele County recognizes that.

You can wish them congratulations and keep up to date on their daily programs on the 'Ride for the Brand' Facebook page.

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