Ever been pulled over for speeding? I have...several times. Although I'm proud to say those episodes are in my distant past. Each time I got pulled over I knew I was guilty. I accepted my fate, handed over the necessary information to the officer, and prepared myself for the fine I had to pay. But then there are the many stories of people who try and get out of a speeding ticket. I'm sure officers have seen and heard it all. But I doubt a Midwest police officer was expecting to get this handed over.

CBS2 reports that a driver in Chisago County Minnesota was recently pulled over for a violation. When the officer arrived at the driver's window and asked for a license and registration, they got handed back the license. They also got something along with it that I never would have thought to use during a traffic stop.

Yes, the officer was handed a 'Get Out of Jail FREE' card from the game Monopoly. I have so many questions. Why did the driver have this with them? Do they frequently get into situations where they are at risk of going to jail? Is their wallet filled with Monopoly money? While the officer gave the driver points for humor and creativity, the card can't be used in real-life situations. CBS2 reports that the Chisago County Sheriff's Office wouldn't comment on why the driver was pulled over, or if they were at risk of being put in jail.

Have you ever done something funny or unique that actually did get you out of a ticket? I'll be honest. I once got out of a speeding ticket in Marion because the officer went to high school with my wife Holly!

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