The Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur is asking fans something that I thought was completely ridiculous... at first. He wants Packer fans to stop doing The Wave during games. You've got to be kidding, The Wave is iconic!

FOX 9 reports that Coach LaFleur wants to figure out how to educate fans on the proper times to do cheers. For example, he wants fans to know that when the Packers have the ball he doesn't want to see fans doing The Wave. From what I can infer, it's because he thinks it distracts players. He also said, "'when [we're] on offense and it’s a third-down situation, I’d rather not hear the ‘Go Pack Go’ chant'".

I understand the thought behind it, that he wants his players to be focused, but I highly doubt you'll ever get a stadium of thousands of people to agree to these rules on when you can and cannot do certain cheers. Coach LaFleur said that he's thinking about having videos of players play on the big scoreboard reminding fans of when they can and can't do certain cheers. But wouldn't that make fans of the opposing team want to do it even more?

Not surprisingly, after this information came out, I've been seeing people wanting to organize a massive Wave during the Vikings-Packers game on November 21st. So we'll see how all of this pans out for the Packers this season.

What are your thoughts? Is it ridiculous to ask fans to stop doing The Wave or is it reasonable? Chat with me on our free app and let me know.

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