A very popular Minneapolis Pizza Shop is adding a new location! What exciting news, especially on National Pizza Day, or now we say Slice Pizza Day!

If you haven’t been to Slice or have heard of it, you are truly missing out! Slice Pizza is the first Black-owned pizza place and is highly known for its New York Styled Pizza!

I mean they really do have it all. They serve everything from your classic pepperoni to pineapple chicken, to veggie, to the iconic dill pickle pizza!

Even though they only have 2 locations in Minneapolis, there will be a new 3rd Slice coming! And this time it is going to be located in St. Paul!

As noted on a post from their Instagram back in October, Slice explains:

As we enter our Anniversary weekend, we would like to announce the expansion of our brand and our 3rd Slice location! In another partnership with NDC the Slice Brothers will be coming to University and Dale in St. Paul in the spring of 2023!

This past week they gave an update:

Saint Paul here comes Slice 3! Our official design and architectural plans are complete. We are on to permitting and construction. We are so excited to start this construction process and open our doors to you guys in late April.

Bring Me The News shares that this is so exciting because this will be their first location with indoor seating.

But wait, there’s more!!

Today is not only National Pizza Day (Thursday, Feb. 9), but Gov. Tim Walz has chosen to mark the day by proclaiming it "Slice Pizza Day," honoring Slice as the first Black-owned pizzeria in Minneapolis.

Slice shares on an Instagram post the following:

GRATITUDE! We received our very own day and proclamation from the city of Minneapolis today. We just want to express appreciation and love for all of our customers and supporters. We are continuing to learn grow and improve our business and just want to put out great affordable pizza! Celebrate today on national pizza day or “Slice” day and have some ZA.


This is honestly so amazing and such a fun way to honor a local POC-owned shop! So whenever you are craving that good ‘ole New York-styled pizza, take a trip to Slice in Minneapolis, and definitely check out the St. Paul location when it opens in April!

All information is credited to bringmethenews.com and @slicebrotherspizza on Instagram.

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