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If you ever see a bug like this in your house, get ready to have an exterminator on speed dial.  Spider crickets are disgusting and unfortunately are hiding out in quite a few homes in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.  And yes, they are currently in mine.   Don't worry though, I've got a few tips for you below to help you out during these unprecedented spider cricket times.

Spider crickets are the grossest things that I've seen in my house yet.  I've even had little mice eyes show up over the sound bar for my tv as I was watching Grey's Anatomy and that wasn't even as bad as Spider crickets.  (Yes, I screamed and then stood on my couch while my husband took care of the situation.)

Nasty Facts about the Most Disgusting Insect: Spider Crickets

WARNING: These facts about spider crickets may make your skin crawl.

See, I told you they were gross.  Now, if you ever find these at your house, follow these tips from myself and Better Homes & Gardens to take care of these nasty, jumpy bugs:

  • Buy sticky traps and put them everywhere.  If you put these out, I promise, they will come to them and those that are out crawling around will die right there.  (FYI, these bugs will eat their dead friends so the sticky traps are sortof like bait too.)
  • Be sure your windows and doors are sealed up well with weather stripping.
  • Plug in a dehumidifier to help get the dampness out of the air in your lower level.
  • Get rid of cardboard boxes!  Remember, they eat these and you are basically feeding them if you are using these for your storage.  Switch to plastic totes to help protect your items and also eliminate a food source.
  • Get a bowl of shallow water with some soap and leave it out.  This is one tip I haven't tried but it sounds like they might come to take a drink and then they drown in the water.  Personally, I'd skip this one and go straight to the sticky traps.
  • Call in the professional!  If you can't eliminate this nasty, or maybe you just want to skip trying, calling a professional is another great option.

Please tell me that I'm not the only one with spider crickets!  Let me know if you've seen these too or if there is another nasty bug that gets under your skin.  Chat with me over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - or over on Instagram!

I'm also a huge hater of snakes.  If I see one, I will scream very loudly.  One of my co-workers wanted to warn the world though of the snakes that are in Minnesota and put together photos that I will never look at without screaming, but you are welcome to try.  Just keep scrolling to see those below.

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