It seems that reports of suspicious things being spotted in the sky are becoming more and more frequent. Some turn out to be satellites, others are pesky Chinese spy balloons and most remain unexplained.

It brings to mind the time my wife and I were sitting around the fire outside at our cabin when we witnessed a long chain of lights all traveling in unison. It was very odd and I made the joke that it looked like Santa and a lot of reindeer pulling his sleigh. We did some digging the next day and discovered we had witnessed the simultaneous launch of many satellites. Apparently, they travel together initially before separating in orbit.

On Wednesday, March 1, reports started coming from southeast Wisconsin that there were two mysterious lights in the sky. According to FOX 9 in Minneapolis, which received calls and videos from viewers, people were notifying both the media and the local police department.

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FOX 9 shared audio of a dispatcher talking to one of their officers about what the caller was reporting:

"They're reporting two really bright lights west of 76th Street, and they have no idea what it was," a dispatcher told an officer. "Once again, she thought it was a plane coming into the airport, but the lights haven't moved, so I don't know if it's a UFO following you or... "

Could this actually be two UFOs? While the final answer is not quite that exciting, it is still an event that is pretty cool to witness.

There you have it, not aliens but Jupiter and Venus in conjunction.

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before there are more reports of strange activity in the sky. Who knows, the next one could be the real deal. The truth is out there.

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