Lego fans better jump on this opportunity! A Wisconsin man has decided to part ways with his impressive Lego collection which has an estimated value of over $14,000.

Thomas Neal, from Greenwood, Wisconsin has always loved Leggos because the possibilities are limitless with a good, creative imagination. He told WQOW News that he got his first Lego collection when he was just five years old and they instantly captured his imagination.

They have since become a lifetime hobby and Neal has collected them for years. He has bought both new and used sets as well as pieces by the lot. His collection includes sets ranging from the 1970s, with the oldest being the first Lego Technic car set, to today.

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Why sell a collection over 30 years in the making, which includes sets that still have their original boxes and all the mini-figures?

Neal has medical expenses he needs to cover so selling most of his collection became necessary. He price-checked each set and estimates the total value at over $14,000. He said that does not include pieces that don't belong to a set.

Price-checking some of the sets proved difficult because they are so rare that he couldn't find a price online, such as his original Z-Nap sets that were only produced for one year in 1998.

Lego collectors will certainly find this sale extremely interesting, especially since Neal claims he is selling everything, including sets that people haven't even heard of.

Anyone interested in purchasing from his collection should reach e-mail him directly at

He hopes that his Legos bring others all the enjoyment and fun that they have brought him.

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