With parts of the U.S. set to experience a total solar eclipse tomorrow, southern Minnesota, while not in the path of totality, will experience a partial eclipse with 80% coverage of the sun.

80% is still pretty cool, but Mother Nature seems to have other plans for southern Minnesotans.

Our solar eclipse forecast across the southern part of the state is calling for cloudy skies and showers likely; not great for those eclipse glasses you bought. We need the moisture, right?

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OK, so the bad news is that we will probably not be able to see the 2024 solar eclipse here in southern Minnesota. The good news? We only need to wait another twenty years for our next chance at totality in the U.S. in August of 2044.

I would assume that it will still get noticeably darker Monday afternoon during the eclipse due to the moon's blocking of the sun, we just won't be able to directly observe the spectacle.

USA Today
USA Today

Southeastern Minnesota will see an 80% partial eclipse or more. It will start around 1:00 pm, peak around 2:00 pm, and end by 3:15 pm. You can find the exact timing of the eclipse in your area on eclipse2024.org.

Eclipse Eye Safety: If you plan to watch the eclipse (likely somewhere other than here in southern Minnesota due to weather, wear eclipse glasses with an ISO 12312-2 filter when looking at the sun, and do not remove your glasses until after you've looked away. If using binoculars, a telescope, or a camera of any kind, an appropriate solar filter should be applied to the lens.

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